Pilot Plant for lab R & D

Sigma Mixer Pilot Plant

JMM have a rich industry experience & knowledge, We have been able to provide the best array of Sigma Mixer. This is a Mixing Machine provided with the arrangement of two Z-shaped arms rotating for mix the mass (Soap Flakes) inside the machine in a dough making manner. In this machine the colour, Perfume, and other kind of filler additives are added and mix with the soap. Mixing, Phase Conversion, Binding are the major features of this Machine.

Roll Mill Pilot Plant

JMM is globally recognized as Triple Roll Mill manufacturers in India. We are catering requirements of domestic as well as international clients. Our complete range is available in regular as well as in metric sizes. Build with robust construction; these are perfect to cater requirements of several industries. We manufacture optimum quality Triple Roll Mill in array of sizes and dimensions. We manufacture our products at our in-house manufacturing facility which is loaded with advanced machinery. Our technicians use graded raw materials while developing our products.

Nudlar Pilot Plant

After the Mixture Machine the mixed mass is passed through this machine where material is extruded into designed Shape of soap.

Type : Single / Twin Worm Plodder Machine / Single / Twin Worm Duplex Vacuum Plodder.

Size : 4", 6", 8", 10", 12", 14"

Plodder Pilot Plant

Twin Worm Duplex Plodder is the machine where the detergent is extruded finally to get desired shapes through conical mouth and dies mounted at its discharge. This consists of double worms which move the material forward. Fabricated worms are used to ease the operation with low energy consumption.

Cutting Machine

We are involved in the manufacture of high-quality Pneumatic Controlled Soap Billet Cutting Machine. They are made using high-quality raw materials at our hi-end infrastructural facility. They are designed and developed in compliance with industrial quality standards. It has been especially developed to cut down labor cost.

Pneumatic Stamping

Pneumatic-operated stamping machines are used in the workshop as well as in low and medium-volume series production. The straightforward method of the operation, the maturity of the design and the extensive range of stamps available for marking making their use universal in very many application areas. Only little force is required for the invariably adjustable high impact.

Panel Board

Motor Control Center (MCC) is an assembly of one or more enclosed sections having a common power bus and principally containing motor control units or starters. Motor control centers in modern practice are a factory assembly of several motor starters.

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