Laundry Soap Finishing Line

Soap Cructcher

Soap Crutcher is a reaction vessel where the saponification takes place to create liquid hot soap. This is used for making Laundry Soaps, Toilet Soaps, Transparent Soap and other similar applications.

Soap Holding Tank

The function of the Soap Holding Tank is to hold the Liquid Hot Soap after saponification in the Soap Crutcher Tank so that the next batch can be processed without wastage of time. The Soap Holding Tank is jacketed.

Triple Roll Mill Machine

Triple Roll Mill is used to crush the final mixed material between the close clearances of Chilled Rolls. This machine consists of three chilled steel rolls with the arrangement of chilled water flow inside the rolls to maintain the required temperature of soap flakes.

Belt Conveyor

To cut extruded bars which comes out from the conical mouth of a Plodder in equi-distance his self-moving disc cutter cuts the bar. It is placed in front of the mouth of Plodder and its disc rotates matching rpm of a Plodder. This is applicable for any size of Plodder in any capacity Conveyor Belt Soap.To transfer the product from the low level outlet of one machine and convey it to the high level intake of the next

Twin Worm Simplex Plodder

Twin Worm Simplex Plodder is the machine where the soap mix from the Sigma Mixer is extruded finally to get noodles through perforated plate mounted at its discharge with a rotating cutter. This consists of two parallel rotating worms which move the material forward. Worms are used to ease the operation with low energy consumption.

Twin Worm Duplex Plodder

Twin Worm Duplex Plodder is the machine where the detergent is extruded finally to get desired shapes through conical mouth and dies mounted at its discharge. This consists of double worms which move the material forward. Fabricated worms are used to ease the operation with low energy consumption.

Pneumatic Bar Cutter

Pneumatic Bar Cutter is mounted at the discharge of Plodder where long bars are extruded and are passed through this where vertically mounted cutter is used to cut the long bars into desired sizes. Sizes are adjustable through a sensor which can be slided mounted aside the Bar Conveyor.

Auto Stamper/Cake Cutting & Stamping Machine

Auto Stamper/Cake Cutting & Stamping Machine is used for cutting small tablets and gang stamping them at the same time while cutting takes place from the long Bars coming from the Plodder. The off cuts are collected at recycle conveyor inbuilt within the machine.

Recycling Conveyor

The function of the Recycling conveyor is to carry off-cut soap scrap from the auto-stamper finally to the pre-plodder for re-utilization of the soap. The Recycling conveyors are namely inclined and the horizontal Recycle Conveyor.

Screw Pump

Screw Conveyor is used for transferring the material from one machine to another to save the manual labor and spillage of material during transfer. Raw materials after screening are transferred through this machine to Elevator or Mixers as per the process layout.

Panel Board

Motor Control Center (MCC) is an assembly of one or more enclosed sections having a common power bus and principally containing motor control units or starters. Motor control centers in modern practice are a factory assembly of several motor starters.

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