Detergent Soap Finishing Line

Sigma Mixer Machine

This Mixture Machine Available with the arrangement of the "L" type Lever.

In this Mixture Machine the color perfume and other kinds of additives are mixed with soap.

BATCH CAPACITY : 5kg to 1 ton or 1000 kg

Duplex Vacuum Plodder

Twin Worm Duplex Plodder is the machine where the detergent is extruded finally to get desired shapes through conical mouth and dies mounted at its discharge. This consists of double worms which move the material forward. Fabricated worms are used to ease the operation with low energy consumption.

Automatic Cutting Stamping

JMM are one of the leading manufacturer and suppliers of time-saving and high-speed Detergent Cake Cutting and Stamping Machines. It cuts 125 cakes in one minute. The length of the detergent cakes can be increased/decreased by adjusting the cutting attachment. The long cutting bars are passed through machine here they are cut into required size cakes ready to pack with packing machine.

Belt Conveyor Machine

JAY MURTI MACHINES Company is trusted manufacturers of Belt Conveyors in India. Our Belt Conveyors have carved a niche of their own in the belting industry, which comes from paying attention to minute details during the manufacturing process and a quality oriented approach. Our vast array of Conveyor Belts is suited to various purposes, whether it be manufacturing or material transport. The belts can be customised on various parameters according to the client's specifications.

Panel Board

Motor Control Center (MCC) is an assembly of one or more enclosed sections having a common power bus and principally containing motor control units or starters. Motor control centers in modern practice are a factory assembly of several motor starters.

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